(print this page to assist you in submitting all appropriate forms)

Ministry Event Application
(did I complete each section of the form, including budgets?)
Announcement Request Form
(does my event need any marketing or publicity? flyers, radio commercials, newspaper ads, etc.? )
Culinary Services Request Form
(does my event have needs for prepared food; onsite or offsite?)
Facilities Support Service Form
(does my event require tables, chairs, audio/video equipment? how do I need the room to be set-up? )
Inventory Order Form
(does my event require special items to be purchased? what is the preferred vendor, prices, quantities? )
Lodging & Transportation Request Form
(does my event require hotel accommodations, airfare or other travel arrangements for a person or party?)
Ministry Funds Request
(does my event require Triumph to spend any financial resources? what the the costs associated with the other forms?)
Ministry Support Form
(does my event require other ministries of Triumph to provide assistance and support before/during/after event?)
Vehicle Request Form
(does my event require a vehicle such as a bus, moving truck, van, etc. driven by staff member?)
Post-Event Review Form (complete at conclusion of event)
(what were the results of my event? were souls saved/lives changed? what was the attendance? did I go over budget? what would I do differently)