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Christian Maturity

The Christian Maturity Department is the home of biblically-based instructional sessions, primarily through the auspices of five different areas:  

  • Communications Team: Responsible for communication information to professors, teachers, team leaders, team members and students of Triumph University. 
  • Curriculum Team: Primarily educators, this is a team that develops curriculum that addresses the total education of the Christian Maturity department. This team will assess, evaluate and develop course content, as well as capture the content, skills and assessment administered by teachers.
  • Logistics Team: Responsible for planning, organizing and executing support activities.
  • Registration Team: Responsible for on-site and online registration for students
  • Teachers: Deliver biblically-based lessons, with a provided script or lesson plan, that help students learn the basic tenets of the Christian faith.
  • Teacher Assistants: Work in association with the lead teacher, professor or educator and assists in different activities associated with teaching and the management of the classroom.

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